What is Kybella?

KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment specifically designed to reduce the presence of fat cells under the chin and jaw line. The medical term for this phenomenon is submental fullness, but many refer to it as a ‘double chin’.

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How Does Kybella Work?

The body naturally produces an enzyme called deoxycholic acid.  This acid functions to break down fat within the digestive system.  KYBELLA® is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, and when injected into the area below the chin, it acts to destroy the fat cells in this area.  Over the course of about 1-2 months, the body processes and removes these fat cells, leaving the patient with less fullness in this area and a more slimming appearance.

The results from KYBELLA® are permanent, provided the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle to decrease the risk of new fat cell deposits in this area.

What to Expect with Kybella Treatments

Each KYBELLA® treatment typically takes about 30 minutes, which includes a period of icing the area after the treatment is administered to decrease discomfort. There is little to no post-procedure downtime. KYBELLA® is injected directly into the submental tissue under the chin and is virtually painless. Individual results may vary. Clients may need anywhere from 1 to 6 treatments depending on desired outcome.

What are the Side Effects of Kybella?

The most common side effects of KYBELLA® include swelling, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.
Although rare, KYBELLA® can cause more serious side effects, including:

  • Nerve injury, which can lead to an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness/droop.
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Injection site issues, including bruising, hair loss, open sores (ulcers), damage and tissue death (necrosis) around the injection site. Call your healthcare provider immediately should open sores or drainage appear in the treatment area.

Please see full Prescribing Information for KYBELLA®