Adding A Medical Weight Loss Program To Your Practice (Online)

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Medical Weight Loss Online Course

This complete start-up guide includes information about Semaglutide, structuring a Semaglutide program in your practice, client selection, possible side effects and management, and how to prescribe this medication.  Also included are downloadable consent form, intake form and charting notes (dot phrases).  After taking this course you will have the necessary information to add a cash-based Semaglutide Weight Loss Program to your practice offerings!  NOTE: Semaglutide is a prescription medication and requires a provider that has prescribing privileges in order to offer this service.

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What to Expect

Compare different injectable weight loss medications side by side.

All of the course content is available to download to your phone or computer.

Example of how a membership program can be utilized for your medical weight loss practice.

Take the hassle out of creating a consent form by using this template.

Documentation needs to be thorough for medical weight loss clients.  Here you will be provided with customizable documentation templates to use in your practice in the way that fits most appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions that may be helpful for patient education on your website or social media postings.

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Suzanne Sexton Root Med Aesthetics Denver Colorado Portrait

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Suzanne Sexton Root Med Aesthetics Denver Colorado Portrait

Welcome to the landing page for Injectables Training For The Medical Professional!¬† My name is Suzanne Sexton and I have been a certified physician assistant since 2007.¬†¬†I left traditional medical practice in August of 2020 to start a concierge medical aesthetics practice in Denver, CO — Root Medical Aesthetics.¬†¬†Over the subsequent years, my practice has evolved from solely concierge to the addition of two brick and mortar locations.

I feel that injectables and advanced aesthetic procedures (such as medical-grade micro-needling and laser skincare) are medical treatments and should, therefore, be performed by medical professionals with a base knowledge/training in anatomy, pharmacology and procedural medicine.  This is not a universal belief, however, and I think this is a disservice to the industry.  My knowledge and skillset as a physician assistant have helped me move smoothly into the world of aesthetic medicine, and my hope is to help you do the same!

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‚ÄúI get excited to train medical practitioners in aesthetics and injectables for two reasons.¬†¬†The first reason is that when I was drowning in burnout as a clinical PA, I didn‚Äôt know that owning my own business and having true freedom of time and energy were possibilities for physician assistants.¬†¬†I want other APPs to know that we have options.¬†¬†And second, I have seen some of the weekend courses for injectables that are available out there and worry that many of them are not setting new injectors up for success.¬†¬†Poor education and training leads to under-qualified practitioners.¬†¬†I want to be a source for changing the narrative around aesthetics and the only way to do that is to see better results by properly trained injectors‚ÄĚ