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Basic facial injection point locations for the most common locations for neurotoxin treatments.  Although each treatment should be personalized, these are great general location points.

Knowing is half the battle, they say. This resource document will aid you with valuable information links not easily found otherwise. Additionally, a contact list full of helpful resources to answer the questions you have.

This online module walks you through the history of neurotoxins, differences across the brands of Botulinum ToxinA and how neurotoxins are reconstituted into a usable form.

This course provides aesthetic facial anatomy for neurotoxins, basic assessment skills, and videos demonstrating injection technique for treating the frontalis (forehead), glabella (11s) and the crow’s feet.

This online course moves away from procedural and clinical technique and dives head first into the business aspects of building a Botox business.  From business entities to malpractice insurance and social media marketing, everything is covered to help you get started!

Aesthetic industry specific social media posts to get you started!  These posts are completely customizable through Canva with a brief tutorial on how to use the Canva editing features included.

Trainees learn to inject on live models with guidance and instruction throughout the entire process.  Includes discussion about anatomy, facial/treatment assessment, reconstitution technique, injection depth, and individual injection technique that feels best for YOU.  This is the true gem of this course!  With small class sizes, you will have the opportunity to not only observe other new injectors, but also inject your very first Botox client!

Added support for 2 months following the in-person training. This is a great way to ask questions and get further guidance on Botox treatment technique, patient evaluation, etc. as you start to use your new skills!  It also allows you and  members of your training course to learn from one another and your experiences!

Certificate of completion following completion of the online and in-person course (This is needed for most malpractice policies!)

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Suzanne Sexton Root Med Aesthetics Denver Colorado Portrait

Learn from the Best!

Welcome to the landing page for Injectables Training For The Medical Professional!  My name is Suzanne Sexton and I have been a certified physician assistant since 2007.  I left traditional medical practice in August of 2020 to start a concierge medical aesthetics practice in Denver, CO — Root Medical Aesthetics.  Over the subsequent years, my practice has evolved from solely concierge to the addition of two brick and mortar locations.

I feel that injectables and advanced aesthetic procedures (such as medical-grade micro-needling and laser skincare) are medical treatments and should, therefore, be performed by medical professionals with a base knowledge/training in anatomy, pharmacology and procedural medicine.  This is not a universal belief, however, and I think this is a disservice to the industry.  My knowledge and skillset as a physician assistant have helped me move smoothly into the world of aesthetic medicine, and my hope is to help you do the same!

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